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December 6, 2019

Budgie and Cockatiel Nutri-Berry

I’m hoping to eventually house my two cockatiels with my two budgies, assuming they get along alright. If I am successful with this, is it okay if my budgies eat the cockatiel’s Nutri-Berries and vice versa for the cockatiels eating the budgie’s Nutri-Berries? I understand they have different nutritional needs, but is this okay? Or should I just keep them separated?


Hi Jackie,

As far as the food goes, the size is the only significant difference between the Cockatiel and Parakeet formulas, so both species can eat either one. However, I would not cage the two species together unless you have an extremely large flight cage or a walk in aviary. Both species can be territorial but female parakeets can actually be a lot more aggressive than cockatiels. Even if they get along at first, if hormones kick in, you could end up with fighting and injured or dead birds. If you do have a large enough cage and put them together, you need to have as many food and water dishes as there are birds, and they need to be at different locations in the cage so one bird can’t keep the other birds from getting to the food and water.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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