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November 14, 2018


I’ve heard that you shouldn’t have two different birds in the same house, but I’ve also heard that cockatiels and conures can get along, is this true?


Hi Ana,

You can have a variety of birds in the same house, but each bird needs their own cage unless they are the same species and you plan to breed them. When parrots share a cage, they tend to bond with each other and not remain tame as pets.

I would never cage a cockatiel and conure together and if both birds were allowed on the same playstand, it would need to be under close supervision. Conures have much stronger beaks and are likely to injure a cockatiel or worse. While you may have seen or heard about exceptions, it is a bad idea because even if playing nicely, the conure can accidentally injure the cockatiel. These are birds from different continents and were never intended to be together. Also, cockatiels have a powder, like cockatoos, which is normal, but can cause allergies with birds from other continents.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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