Ask Lafeber


August 26, 2019


Can you put multiple breeder pairs in one cage?
Can you have more than one female in with a male?
Or do they only pair with one female only?


Hi Barb,

Lovebirds should only be kept or bred with one pair per cage. Two females with one male is a potential disaster. Female lovebirds can be extremely aggressive and can kill a rival female or even an uncooperative male with almost no warning. They can attack viciously and effectively before you have time to react. You should never put an immature male with an older female. When introducing lovebirds, you need to be able to observe them for the day to be sure there is no fighting or chasing going on. You should always have an extra food and water dish in the cage. Do not give them a nest box until you see signs of them bonding as mates such as feeding and preening each other or actually mating. Some species are more aggressive than others, and you should not mix species. You can mix color mutations as long as they are the same species. Such as a pied peach face with a regular peach face. The peach faced are more aggressive than the masked species so this is the main reason not to mix them. So regardless of color mutation, make sure you know what species they are before you put them together.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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