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November 7, 2018


Hi guys we have a pair of beautiful tame lovebirds, free at home during the day, in their cage overnight. They have many toys which we interchange and keep introducing new textures to keep them entertained. However, they are biting so many items of furniture and home fittings. Any advice please on how to keep them entertained better or off certain areas??


Hi Ily,

The short answer is they need to be supervised when they are out of their cage. Leaving a pet bird out without watching them is similar to leaving a toddler alone. They will get into things and eventually they are going to get into the wrong thing – bite an electric cord, get into medicine, food or a plant that is toxic to them. You can’t train them to leave things alone like you can a domesticated pet because lovebirds are not domesticated. For their own safety, they need the security of their cage when nobody can watch them.

Household dangers are only one problem with letting them remain loose all day. Eventually they will start finding nesting areas and if one or both are females, they will lay eggs. Even if you have two males, they will start nesting behavior at some point. This will mean more shredding and destruction. But it will also mean they will get territorial and will stop wanting to be handled.

As long as they have a large cage and plenty of toys to keep them busy, they will be fine in their cage when they can’t be supervised. You can also provide foraging exercise for them with different foods. Our diets are designed for foraging so if they have not tried any of them, you might look into them.

They may fuss a bit at first, but again, for their own good, the free ranging needs to stop except when someone can keep and eye on them.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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