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August 5, 2019

Our young cockatiel male 9 months is just beginning to show breeding behavipur

Our 2 year old lorikeet has been very eager to breed this past month and now suddenly our 9 month old cockatiel is exhibiting the same behaviours. We don’t have any intention of breeding them but will this affect their lovely personalities in the long run if they don’t mate with females? Thank you for any advice


Hi Rose,

Pet birds will be hormonal during breeding season or warmer weather. This normally does not last long and then the bird will revert to normal behavior. The only thing that would affect their personalities would be to let them be breeding birds, in which case you can no longer handle them. You can’t breed a  bird like a dog or a cat. Birds bond with a mate and it is a lifetime bond which will exclude humans. Just ignore the hormonal behavior even if it means not handling during that time. If they are biting, it is best to let them be until they settle back down.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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