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April 27, 2020

Peach faced Lovebird and a Parakeet

Can you put a Peach faced Lovebird and a Parakeet in a flight cage together? I had a Indian Ringneck, but something ( I think a neighborhood black cat) got ahold of her the other night, and pulled a wing off. She died last night. My Indian Ringneck was in one flight cage and my Lovebird is in another flight cage. I had left them on my covered front porch that night since it wasn’t going to get cold. I have left them out a lot in the past during the summer.
I had wanted to put the Lovebird and my Indian Ringneck in just one cage together, but the Indian Ringneck was to aggressive. Just having their cages side by side the Indian Ringneck would try to get at my Lovebird in an aggressive way. When I let them out in the house, the Indian Ringneck would try to bite the Lovebird when she got to close.
I would love to be able to put a Parakeet in the cage with my Lovebird if possible!


Hi Loretta,

You definitely should not put a parakeet with a lovebird. Lovebirds have a much stronger beak and they are capable of injuring or killing a parakeet. Generally you need to only house same species together. I’m sorry about your loss. But given what happened, I would not have your birds outside unattended. There are other dangers to pet birds when put outside, aside from domestic cats. Other native species like rats or raccoons will also go after birds in a cage. They are also at risk of diseases and parasites from wild birds.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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