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March 31, 2021

Yogurt or kefir for parrots, hormonal Eclectus, alternative supplements

I’ve heard Parrots in general can have yogurt or greek yogurt. Can they have kefir? I make BOTH my own and do know you HAVE to make them different, but can they have kefir since kefir doesn’t really have lactose.
Are female eclectus more or less hormonal caged with a male?
Do you feel it is good to give macaws or eclectus hemp?


Hi Mary,

In general, parrots should not have any dairy products. However, a small bite isn’t going to harm a parrot. Kefir is not likely to be any better for a parrot than any type of yogurt. The way most kefir is made, makes it very high in sugar and parrots should not have high sugar content foods. But again, one bite is OK.

Any bird is going to be more hormonal if it is around or caged with another bird, even if they are the same gender. But yes, a female is going to be more hormonal around a male. She is also more likely to end up laying eggs. As to hormonal behavior, this is also a yes, and when birds are caged together, even if they are the same sex, they tend to become less tame.

Sterilized hemp seed used to be included in most seed mixes for pet birds, and it still is in some cases. As to any health benefit, there have not been any specific studies. They are beginning to study the CBD oil and any potential benefits or harm.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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