Bird Type: Macaw

Hormonal Blue & Gold

Peach 6 year old blue and gold macaw has become very michievous and agressive at times in the last year. His hormones are affecting his behavior. what can I do to help him. He constantly is trying to mate with me. I started gicing him more food and that seems to improve his behavior. I […]

Scarlet macaw

Can macaws handle direct sunlight in weather up to 108 outside

why does he regurgitate me

Dear Sirs ,I am interested to know why my ara mexican/blue yellow 21 yrs regurgitates its food ? Thanks for any advice and sources.

Sitting on egg

My b&g lived most of her 26 years in a cramped cage eating sunflower seeds and no toys. With me a year now she is healthy and enjoys freedom. She had eggs before but were always removed. Now I let her brood and its 34 days and she wont give up. She tossed one but […]

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Blue and gold machaws

For months they go in and out in nestbox..but no is a mature pair..they had already feed each other..but not mating..what could be the problem.

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Petting birds

Hi I am a veterinarian for a facility that houses 2 cockatoos and 1 macaw These birds are used for public education ,they do perform My question concerns the birds behavior during trainer grooming sessions The birds are regularly touched and groomed through out the day They enjoy it, but is it something that could […]

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Same room?

Can a lovebird, African grey and Blue and gold macaw be in the same room in separate cages?

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Follow up question on Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi Brenda, Thank you for answering my question about the average age of Severe Macaws. I will look forward to hearing about the Wings of Compassion website. A quick follow up question. I read the entry about the Cockatiel illness. Merlin had the same symptoms. He was fine the days before, although drinking more water […]

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Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi, My longtime friend and companion Merlin, a 42+ year old severe macaw, recently passed away. Two questions: What is the average lifespan of severe macaws? I was told by the veterinarian that you hosted a website called Wings of Compassion, but I cannot find it on-line. Can you please point me to your Wings […]

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Arm injuries

My brother has a 30 yo Blue and Gold Macaw and every time he tells her to step up she hurts him. I know that she isn’t trying to hurt my brother because she hurts him by braking the skin on his arm with her claws. It never causes any major damage, but it does […]

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sore on face

My blue/gold Macaw has a little sore on his face this morning, I think from rubbing his face on his blocks last night. Can i put some neosporin on it?

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What do I get

Hello, Ive always had a rule that smaller birds get bigger cages: small birds get medium cages, medium birds get large, etc. But larger birds need larger places, and I want to give my Hyacnth macaw, which Im in the prosses of buying! I already know what room Im going t put it in, but […]

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Military Macaw

I have. Military macaw. He is my soul mate. When a female comes over he is smitten. He will get off his cage and attack me. Soon as the female ( human) leaves he is sweet and loving to me. ????? Any idea why?

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky

Scarlet Macaws Soar Once Again In Mexico

Of Mexico’s more than 40 protected biosphere reserves, the Tuxlas region of Veracruz, Mexico, is one devoted to the re-introductions of scarlet macaws back into the wild, with the hope that these majestic parrots will once again thrive in their native habitat.

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My new Blue and Gold Macaw

Hi!  I just bought a 6 year old Macaw. The lady at the store said she had raised him from a baby, then sold him to a couple and one of them developed an allergy to him so they sold him back to the original owner.  I visited the bird multiple times to ensure that we would be a good fit and now that I have him home, he won’t let me take him out of his cage. He has bitten me twice, but has not broken the skin…

Two green winged macaws in the wild

Parrot Breeding Biology In The Wild & In The Home

Knowing what in-home conditions can inadvertently mimic breeding season in the wild can help us lessen or deter hormonal behavior inside the home. Find out how cage placement and the food you offer can affect your bird’s behavior.

Two green winged macaws in the wild

A Special Place For Green-Winged Macaws in Brazil

Dr. Susan Orosz takes us on a journey to Brazil’s Pantanal region, home to macaws, Amazons, conures, toco toucans and other birds. This time around, we learn about a special oasis for green-winged macaws called Buraco das Araras. Find out what sets this unique preserve apart — and why it’s nicknamed the “Macaws’ Hole.”

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