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Military Macaw laying eggs

I have a 22 year old Military Macaw who laid her first clutch of eggs this month. She is intent on sitting on them, so I’m letting her (for the moment). How long do I let her stay on the eggs? Most articles say until she gives up or for approximately 3-4 weeks. Should I […]


I still have the parrot but I froze him ? I guess a necropsy would still show a broken bone or something like that ? Blood. tissue breakdown would probably prevent any blood analysis ?

Greenwing – Liver Disease webinar Dr. Lamb

Is it normal that my greenwing macaw always make trow up with his beak why he does this its gagging i thinkis this normal bij liver disseas and he has always bacteria s in his poop and its stinks a lot and i have medicine thats hepa-plus and dysbac liquid but my other macaw gets […]


I have a male macaw and I am buying a female macaw when can I put then together what is the process

Black Pin Feather Casing

Hi! I work as a trainer with rescue birds and I came across something I’ve never encountered. We have an 11 year old hyacinth, Mr. B who is molting. I was giving his a nail trim when I noticed something long and black in his feathers on the outside primaries. I looked closer and it […]

Blue and gold Macaw

Hello Brenda. Yes they are over 7 years old, they have the right nest, a wooden one with wood sawings in the nest, they have laid eggs before and had little Macaws in a different nest, in a cage inside our house. This cage is out in the yard, and last year the eggs they […]

Blue and gold Macaw

Hi. We have a pair of Blue and Gold Macaws and the female is laying, actually dropping from the branch she sits on, her eggs on the cage floor. What can I do?

Sounds that a macaw makes

I have a Greenwinged Macaw and he makes a low growling sound I think I know what it means but wanted to see more reasons for why they make that sound.

2 year harlequin behaviors

We have a 2 year old harlequin macaw. Who at times can be aggressive. And she lost her tail feathers. Will this behavior change . We hope it will .

Severe Self-mutilation (Macaw)

Hello, I rescued (2) macaws my friend and her husband can no longer take care of due to their work schedule. They mentioned the female was missing some feathers, so I thought, she must be going through a molting period. When I picked them up, I notice she was missing ALL of her feathers except […]

Teaching parrot to swim?

This might be a silly question, and it’s not something I’m planning to do – but I was curious after seeing a youtube video a few months ago (can’t find it again now) in which someone had taught their macaw to swim in a pool. The bird was using its wings like oars – doing […]

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky

The Macaw Society’s “Foster Program” is Just One Way it Helps Macaws in the Wild

Since 1999, The Macaw Society (formally called the Tambopata Research Project) at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has been dedicated to the study of macaws in the wild, with 40 scientific papers and counting. The Macaw Society’s “foster chick” program is one way it helps increase wild macaw numbers by assigning otherwise neglected chicks to foster macaw parents.

Beak health

what would you recommed for overall beak health and strength in mid size birds such as greys or mini macaws during the younger years as far as diet or physical item in cage?

Why did he bite?

Our B&G macaw is my buddy. He loves interacting with my wife though. He runs to see her and he talks more to her, and he just gets excited when she enters the room. He calls for me when I’m gone, and he seems depressed. Not so with her. I hold him for long amounts […]

Macaw nails

Question about “excessive” nail growth in a Severe macaw. Are there nutritional or other health aspects to consider, or is it likely environment and activity (he likes to spend the majority of his time on fabric perches). Related, what’s your experience with how frequently macaw nails should be trimmed?

Yogurt or kefir for parrots, hormonal Eclectus, alternative supplements

I’ve heard Parrots in general can have yogurt or greek yogurt. Can they have kefir? I make BOTH my own and do know you HAVE to make them different, but can they have kefir since kefir doesn’t really have lactose. Are female eclectus more or less hormonal caged with a male? Do you feel it […]

Severe macaw

I have a severe macaw named Luna who has the worst Separation Anxiety she is only 9 and has been in 5 homes she plucks and wasn’t sure if there is a medication we can prescribe her for her anxiety issues

Hyacinth macaw

What should you feed a hyacinth macaw other than macadamia nuts?

CBD oil

I’ve had my Severe Macaw since 1994. He started plucking in 2016. Medical tests are done, he’s on Haliperidol (spelling??), which helps some. Has CBD been tested with parrots to help with anxiety?

Greenwing behavior

I have a green wing mccaw, 19yrs old. seems to nevous, passing back n forth at times, shaking his head and starled. I had him to the vet and had blood work done and it was good. no mites. feathers are vibrant

What is wrong with a parrot being hormonal

I might be missing something: if a “hormonal” (euphemism!) bird is well behaved, gentle and a delight, why would this be a problem? I wouldn’t like it if someone took away or discouraged my “hormonality” and don’t necessarily agree that “hormonality” is bad in a companion bird. What am I missing? (I don’t understand why […]

B&G Macaw and hormones

I have a wonderful blue and gold macaw who is just getting into puberty (almost 4 years old!)… we always cuddled when she was young and she still loves to cuddle (head pets only of course), and i help her preen the pin feathers she can’t get on her head. Is this sending her the […]

Yellow Collar Macaw

I have a male yellow collar macaw, 24 years old. He sleeps under newspaper every night in a separte area and shreds kleenex into thousands of small pieces. Is this normal and safe behavior for a macaw.




Hello, new bird owner here. I noticed my blue and gold macaw loves the nutri berris and i was considering switching to using this line as my main product. does your compnay offer a sampler pack of the different kinds so I can see which ones he likes best?

Feeding Nutri-Berries to a Macaw

I started feeding my greenwing of 30yrs. Nutri Berries . He loves them. Was brought up on hagen pellets fro birth.. Now he only wants nutriberries… He wastes quite a bit. But I recycle if clean. Question. Can this be his main diet? Also feed him lots of others foods

My macaw won’t step off my shoulder

Hey! I have a blue and gold macaw that likes to be picked up but when I pick him up he runs to my shoulder and stay there and if I try to remove him he bites me is there a way to train him to not go to my shoulder or for him to […]

Hormonal Blue & Gold

Peach 6 year old blue and gold macaw has become very michievous and agressive at times in the last year. His hormones are affecting his behavior. what can I do to help him. He constantly is trying to mate with me. I started gicing him more food and that seems to improve his behavior. I […]

Scarlet macaw

Can macaws handle direct sunlight in weather up to 108 outside

why does he regurgitate me

Dear Sirs ,I am interested to know why my ara mexican/blue yellow 21 yrs regurgitates its food ? Thanks for any advice and sources.

Sitting on egg

My b&g lived most of her 26 years in a cramped cage eating sunflower seeds and no toys. With me a year now she is healthy and enjoys freedom. She had eggs before but were always removed. Now I let her brood and its 34 days and she wont give up. She tossed one but […]

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Blue and gold machaws

For months they go in and out in nestbox..but no is a mature pair..they had already feed each other..but not mating..what could be the problem.

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Petting birds

Hi I am a veterinarian for a facility that houses 2 cockatoos and 1 macaw These birds are used for public education ,they do perform My question concerns the birds behavior during trainer grooming sessions The birds are regularly touched and groomed through out the day They enjoy it, but is it something that could […]

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Same room?

Can a lovebird, African grey and Blue and gold macaw be in the same room in separate cages?

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Follow up question on Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi Brenda, Thank you for answering my question about the average age of Severe Macaws. I will look forward to hearing about the Wings of Compassion website. A quick follow up question. I read the entry about the Cockatiel illness. Merlin had the same symptoms. He was fine the days before, although drinking more water […]

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Severe Macaws and Wings of Compassion website?

Hi, My longtime friend and companion Merlin, a 42+ year old severe macaw, recently passed away. Two questions: What is the average lifespan of severe macaws? I was told by the veterinarian that you hosted a website called Wings of Compassion, but I cannot find it on-line. Can you please point me to your Wings […]

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Arm injuries

My brother has a 30 yo Blue and Gold Macaw and every time he tells her to step up she hurts him. I know that she isn’t trying to hurt my brother because she hurts him by braking the skin on his arm with her claws. It never causes any major damage, but it does […]

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sore on face

My blue/gold Macaw has a little sore on his face this morning, I think from rubbing his face on his blocks last night. Can i put some neosporin on it?

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What do I get

Hello, Ive always had a rule that smaller birds get bigger cages: small birds get medium cages, medium birds get large, etc. But larger birds need larger places, and I want to give my Hyacnth macaw, which Im in the prosses of buying! I already know what room Im going t put it in, but […]

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Military Macaw

I have. Military macaw. He is my soul mate. When a female comes over he is smitten. He will get off his cage and attack me. Soon as the female ( human) leaves he is sweet and loving to me. ????? Any idea why?

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky

Scarlet Macaws Soar Once Again In Mexico

Of Mexico’s more than 40 protected biosphere reserves, the Tuxlas region of Veracruz, Mexico, is one devoted to the re-introductions of scarlet macaws back into the wild, with the hope that these majestic parrots will once again thrive in their native habitat.

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My new Blue and Gold Macaw

Hi!  I just bought a 6 year old Macaw. The lady at the store said she had raised him from a baby, then sold him to a couple and one of them developed an allergy to him so they sold him back to the original owner.  I visited the bird multiple times to ensure that we would be a good fit and now that I have him home, he won’t let me take him out of his cage. He has bitten me twice, but has not broken the skin…

Two green winged macaws in the wild

Parrot Breeding Biology In The Wild & In The Home

Knowing what in-home conditions can inadvertently mimic breeding season in the wild can help us lessen or deter hormonal behavior inside the home. Find out how cage placement and the food you offer can affect your bird’s behavior.

Two green winged macaws in the wild

A Special Place For Green-Winged Macaws in Brazil

Dr. Susan Orosz takes us on a journey to Brazil’s Pantanal region, home to macaws, Amazons, conures, toco toucans and other birds. This time around, we learn about a special oasis for green-winged macaws called Buraco das Araras. Find out what sets this unique preserve apart — and why it’s nicknamed the “Macaws’ Hole.”

Hyacinth macaw eating while standing in grass (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

Macaws & Other Parrots of the Pantanal, Brazil

Avian veterinarian Dr. Susan Orosz takes us on her journey to Brazil’s Pantanal region, the world’s largest tropical wetland and home to myriad species of parrots living in the wild, including the hyacinth macaw.

Hahn's Macaw

Hahn’s Macaw

A Hahn’s macaw’s personality is much like that of its larger macaw cousins — bold, fun, active — but in a more manageable size, which makes this parrot a popular companion.

scarlet macaw

Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet is a “sassy” bird, filled with energy and personality. It’s highly intelligent, as well as a capable escape artist.

hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

The hyacinth macaw stunning cobalt-blue coloring and massive size will cause anyone to pause and take notice. Bright yellow around the eyes and at the base and the corners of the beak makes the largest of the macaw species appear to be in a perpetual smile. This is a parrot for someone who afford a hefty price tag and who has space to spare.

green-winged macaw

Green-Winged Macaw

The green-winged macaw is among the largest macaw species. Its large beak can be intimidating, but this macaw has a reputation as a gentle giant.

blue-and-gold macaw

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

The blue-and-gold macaw is aptly named, with a gorgeous blue body and dark lemon-yellow chest, this is a bird that’s hard to miss. It also referred to as the blue-and-yellow macaw.

green-winged macaw


Macaws’ big size and vibrant colors make them hard to overlook. These social birds can create a racket when they feel so inclined, and their clownish ways are sure to draw attention. Although their large beaks can be intimidating, a well-socialized macaw can be a friendly and affectionate companion.

Presidents & Their Pet Parrots

Can you imagine a parrot perched in the White House? It’s probably happened at some point during our country’s history; after all, some of our past presidents had parrot companions during their presidencies. Here is a list of presidents who really did have parrots during their White House days.

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