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A Fun Look At “Spooktacular Parrots” This Halloween

It’s that spooky time of the year! Some parrot species seem to especially mesh with a Halloween theme. Here is a lighthearted look at parrot species that bring “trick or treat” up a notch.

grey parrotAfrican Greys

If there was one parrot that could put together their own “haunted house,” it would be an African grey parrot. Beyond the notoriety of being extremely intelligent birds, greys are also known to be insanely good at mimicking human speech, as well as a plethora of sounds — usually those they know will get their people’s attention. If you really want to “trick” someone, have them spend time unaware that an African grey is in the house. They might be reaching for a phone that isn’t really ringing, answering a knock on the door or doorbell ring with no one on the doorstep, and, no, there’s no food in the microwave that just finished cooking! Of course, greys and many other parrots with the gift of gab, might also try to trick people with spot-on imitations of their people or people they’ve met. Will your guest fall for that “Hello sweetie,” that sounds just like grandma is in the house?


parakeetBudgies (aka Parakeets)

One of the more interesting sounds you are likely to hear in the pet bird world is a budgie that can talk. A budgie’s voice is similar in size to the bird itself — small, and it can sound quite whispery or chirpy. Some have gone so far as to describe a budgie’s mimicry of human speech as “slightly demonic” sounding — like an old vinyl record sped up and played backwards. Hearing a budgie say, “Give me a kiss” — if you don’t know it’s coming from a small feathered being — can certainly induce goosebumps.



Something about cockatoos is wizard-like. Perhaps it’s the way they play with their food and toys — twirling it in the air much like a magician waving a wand. Their bold, expressive eyes also seem to exude a higher power looking at you, or through you…and before you know it, you are under their spell. “Another Nutri-Berrie treat? You’ve got it master!”


caique portraitCaiques

If caiques dressed up for Halloween, of course they’d be clowns. And these frolic-prone parrots won’t need much cajoling to get into character. Just give them a foot toy, and behold the on-their-back circus antics, or play with them long enough to literally get them hopping. A happy caique can be as giddy as a child dressed up for Halloween!


Male eclectus…And Let’s Not Forget Eclectus Parrots

You can’t look at a male Eclectus parrot’s beak and not think “Candy corn!” That colorful orange beak is quite a stunner no matter what time of the year it is!


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