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Emily G. Page is an experienced veterinary technician, and avid bird caretaker. Currently working on a degree in animal science, she works in a small veterinary clinic, taking special interest in client education regarding proper nutrition and enrichment opportunities for all companion animals. Guided by the generous teachings from her stubborn African Grey, Symon, and her tenacious parrotlet, Kiwi, Emily strives to improve the lives of the world’s many “second-hand parrots,” and show that all parrots are great companions when they are set up for success. Emily’s long-term goal is to finally have a witty response for when Symon snottily says, “WHAT?” when she’s been staring too long."

Articles by Emily Page:

quaker parakeet

Give Your Bird Some “Gym Time”

It’s time to think outside the cage! Add some real-estate to your bird’s indoor habitat by way of a play gym. Play gyms offer companion parrots of all sizes and species the perfect place to get wild, to chill for a while or to hang out with their favorite people.

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