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Jenny Drummey

Jenny Drummey has volunteered with the Phoenix Landing Foundation since 2003, serves on the Board of Directors, and has been an Adoption Coordinator for the last 11 years. Her books, Project Parrot: A Behavior Guidebook for You and Your Bird and Biting Matters: Living Bite-free With Your Parrot, have helped hundreds of readers live successfully with their companions. Visit her website.

Articles by Jenny:

male normal gray cockatiel

New Bird? 5 Ways To Get Off To A Great Start

Have a new bird, or know someone about to welcome a bird into his or her life? Setting a bird up for success as a companion pet has a lot to do with the right interactions. Learn what you should do — and not do — those first few weeks after bringing a pet bird home. Get on the right track with your pet bird, and maintain a mutually respectful relationship for the years ahead with these helpful tips to welcome a new bird into the home.

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