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Carol D'Arezzo and Lauren Shannon-Nunn

Carol D'Arezzo was "found" by an escapee cockatiel over ten years ago and has never been the same since. Her feathered family includes four macaws, two cockatoos, four African greys, an Amazon, an Eclectus and a lively bunch of smaller parrots including the original cockatiel. She lectures and consults on parrot behavior with an emphasis on practical solutions to problems and long-term commitment. Carol holds a B.S. in biology and has taught biology and science. She now resides with her flock in Virginia where she works in real estate and writes.

Lauren Shannon-Nunn has been an animal lover her entire life. One of her first jobs was as a sales associate and head kennel manager for a pet shop selling a variety of animals, including parrots. For several years, she worked for and eventually managed a M.A.P.- certified aviary in Colorado. She was responsible for the raising and socialization of young parrots. Her feathered family consists of a slender-billed conure named Pebbles, an Amazon named Paco who is missing part of one leg, and five lively budgies. She lives in Colorado where she runs her pet-sitting and parrot behavior consulting business, "Under One Wing."

Their excellent and highly recommended book - Parrot Toys & Play Areas, is available through www.amazon.com.

Articles by Carol and Lauren:

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Parrot Toys: What Are We Going to Chew Today?

Providing projects that occupy busy beaks and stimulate avian Einsteins is one of the never-ending challenges of parrot ownership. The quest for that perfect bird toy takes us trekking to innumerable pet shops and bird marts, and pouring through countless catalogs.

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