Author: Chris Davis, CPBC

Fun With Food for Your Pet Bird

Food plays an essential role in the survival of every living creature. It can also be a source of great pleasure. Animal trainers, behaviorists, pet owners, and, yes, parents of small children, use food in a number of creative ways. Most people love giving their animals friends food treats.

Goose in traffic

A Magical Goose Chase In Munich

Nothing charms us as much as birds. They possess the power to profoundly alter our lives and, if we set our egos aside and see and honor them for who they are, they can forever change the very essence of who we are and of how we perceive other species around us.

bird on pumpkin

Halloween Safety For Birds

Some frightening things can happen to our birds if we are not vigilant during Halloween festivities. But you can do a lot to prevent any problems by planning ahead.

Chris Davis, CPBC

Chris Davis, CPBC

Chris has dedicated her life to the well-being and care of animals; and, now, long into her adulthood, she still considers them to be her primary social group.

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