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Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe

Matt Rowe is a writer who frequently covers various areas of interests. And while he is a lover of the arts, he is equally enamored of animals, especially birds in all of their various species. His love of pets and wildlife, and the many ways they interact with humans reveals his deep fascination for them.

Matt writes for various publications that include MusicTAP, The Morton Report, and The Pontiac Daily Leader.

Articles by Matt:

cockatoo on ground

Cockatoo Survives Storm & Wins the Hearts of Many

This tough cockatoo’s miraculous survival from a tumultuous rainstorm storm surprises the Australian farmer who thought the bird for dead and garners a swell of well-wishers from around the globe.

sulphur-crested cockatoo

Cockatoo “Retires” From The Limelight At Age 82

Frosty, an 82-year-old sulphur-crested cockatoo, recently retired from entertaining audiences at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens. Learn more about this special ‘too who was part of the original “jail birds” trained at Folsom State Prison, and for 40-plus years wowed audiences with his high-wire unicycle tricks and more.

bird on a fence

Make Your Love of Birds Count

Make your love of birds count this November. Project FeederWatch invites bird fans to partake by watching birds at their feeders for two designated days per week. See what to be on lookout for and how your participation can help birds near and far.

new jersey Audubon event poster

Bird-Watching & Conservation Go Hand-In-Hand

Annual bird-watching events contribute greatly to our understanding and observation of birds in their natural habitats. Long-established birding events, as well as new events popping up throughout the year, are valuable in that they help foster interest in our native birds and the ongoing efforts to help them survive in an ever-developing world.

Audobon Photo award

Young Photographer’s Impressive Win at Audubon’s Bird Photo Contest

Be inspired by a young photographer whose flair for capturing birds’ natural beauty has garnered him recognition in the prestigious Audubon photography awards.

Spixs Macaw sitting on a tree

Spix’s Macaw Among the Many Bird Species Now Extinct In the Wild

Unfortunately, the prolonged efforts of conservationists simply aren’t enough to prevent the disappearance of many of our bird species. Recently, eight species of bird were recently added to the “extinct in the wild” list—including the Spix’s macaw.

blue and gold macaw

Parrots Blush To Communicate

Feathers are for flying, but did you know that birds might also use their feathers and blush to visually communicate with other birds as well as their human caretakers?

red macaw

A Buried Mystery: Researchers Discover An ancient Macaw Breeding Facility

Archaeologists are uncovering an exciting find on northern Mexico—an ancient scarlet macaw breeding facility, which may suggest the existence of a robust bird trade in the Southwest area of the U.S.

Canada Goose above a lake

Secret to Birds’ Amazing “GPS” Abilities

Science has long wondered how birds navigate; essentially what drives their internal compass? Recent research sheds light on birds’ amazing navigational abilities — namely the discovery that they can see magnetic fields.

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky

Scarlet Macaws Soar Once Again In Mexico

Of Mexico’s more than 40 protected biosphere reserves, the Tuxlas region of Veracruz, Mexico, is one devoted to the re-introductions of scarlet macaws back into the wild, with the hope that these majestic parrots will once again thrive in their native habitat.

fairy wren chirping on a branch

Wild Birds Become Each Others “Wingmen” To Survive

Wild birds of differing species cooperate with each other to enhance the safety of their families over long periods of time.

cape parrot in a tree

Saving The Cape Parrot

With less than 2,000 left in the wild, the survival of the Cape parrot might depend on the Cape Parrot Project and people who fight for this species.

logo for Cornell Global Big Day

Everyone Counts On This Birding Day

Global Big Day provides amazing data on birds in the wild, thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers collecting data. Find out which country topped the list with the most species in 2018!

Indian ring-neck parakeets

The Birdman of Chennai

Be amazed by the incredible response one man created when he began feeding two Indian ring-necked parakeets after a tsunami devastated the area.

house sparrow singing

Backyard Birds Help Boost Mood

How often are you soothed and comforted by watching birds arrive in your backyard? Anxiety and stress levels can be significantly reduced with access to more natural day to day occurrences of bird watching capability.

satellite view of Cyclone Marcus

Cyclone’s Affect On Migratory Birds

A storm like a cyclone can heavily disrupt the migration of birds by leading them off course and potentially creating a situation that could be catastrophic to a flock.

silkie chickens, chickens

Meet The Silkie Chicken

The Silkie chicken is known for its fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. Add together its other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot— not to mention a friendly temperament — and it’s easy to see why the Silkie chicken wins the hearts of many.

Galapagos finch

Darwin’s Finches Continue to Evolve

Darwin’s Finches of the Galapagos Islands are giving scientists the unique and amazing chance to watch evolution in progress, all in a single lifetime!

Alala crow

Meet Hawaii’s Crow

Conservationists are working hard to save Hawaii’s endangered crow, the Alala, which disappeared from the wild years ago. Captive breeding offers hope that one day Alalas will fly free again, and a major step to that happened recently.

hummingbirds eating from feeder

Hummingbirds Inspire

Learn how an assistant researcher became a hummingbird whisperer. She shares her tips to keep hummingbirds healthy and happy.

Bird on a hammock

San Francisco Bird Hotel Caters to Feathered Clientele

It’s no surprise that dogs and cats have fancy spas and boarding facilities to cater to their every need, but birds? The San Francisco Bird Hotel offers just that — a spa and resort built just for the birds. See how this hotel for the birds came to be and how it caters to its feathered clientele.

blue crowned conure

Reap The Benefits Of Joining A Bird Club

Joining a bird club makes you part of a community that shares info about bird care, bird health, bird behavior, and more!

Gentoo Penguins

Audubon Celebrates Birds

Winners of the eighth annual Audubon Photography Awards are here! Check out snuggly penguins, a crashing owl, and many more incredible photos of birds!

Guinness World Record For Aviary With Most Bird Species

Guinness World Record For Aviary With Most Bird Species

The Shuka Vana Bird Home in India earned a Guinness World Record as the one aviary in the world with the most bird species at a single location.

cockatoo figurines

Bird Art On The Auction Block

If you’re an art-loving bird enthusiast, an auction house is one avenue for scoring an endearing work of bird art. Parrot-inspired sculptures range from inexpensive to extravagant.

Cornell Mural

Bird Mural Depicts Avian History

Be amazed by the huge bird mural at Cornell University. It depicts birds across the world in their true sizes, and a website lets you interact with it.

Desert Cardinal on a tree branch

The Desert Cardinal: Beauty In the Desert

Do male and female Desert Cardinals differ in looks? Learn this and other fun facts about this lesser-known, southern counterpart to the Northern Cardinal.

Juvenile Macaws in a yellow carrier

Genetic Engineering: New Hope For Rare Species?

Discover how emerging biological and preservation technologies currently being developed might be a way of saving endangered species.

Orange-bellied Parrot

Hatching Success for Orange-Bellied Parrots

With its wild population numbers critically low, the orange-bellied parrot, one of Australia’s rarest birds, stands on the brink of extinction. Fortunately, the Healsville Sanctuary, which spans over 74 acres of native Australian landscape, had one of its most successful breeding seasons. See what the sanctuary is doing to save this little parrot.

The Macaw Project Poster

“The Macaw Project” Documentary Takes Flight

Crowdfunding on the internet made The Macaw Project documentary possible. Watch it to find out the dangers faced by macaws in the wild.

Pacific parrotlet wearing goggles Photo by Eric Gutierrez

Physics of Bird Flight Inspire Scientists

Scientists created a special flight test for a trained Pacific parrotlet, and they learned surprising things about how birds fly.

Night Parrot in a bush

The Night Parrot: Nocturnal Rarity

Recently, a few people with a passion for finding the rare Night Parrot of Australia have documented proof of its existence, ending rumors of its extinction.

Standing Feather Duster Budgie

Feather Duster Budgies

The Feather Duster Budgie is a mutation that might make you doubt a bird is inside all the curly, overgrown feathers.

Spixs Macaw sitting on a tree

Presley the Spix’s Macaw Legacy

Revisit the remarkable story of Presley, the rare Spix’s macaw found living as a pet parrot in Colorado and then repatriated to Brazil to help save his species from the brink of extinction. Presley passed away in 2014 but scientists hope to use new technology to keep his legacy alive.

The world's oldest Cockatoo

The World’s Oldest Cockatoo Passes Away: Celebrating Cookie

The Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo – and countless fans near and far ‑ are mourning the loss the zoo’s most beloved and well-known resident, Cookie, the 83-year-old Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, who passed away on August 27, 2016. Cookie was certified by Guinness World Records as the oldest living parrot and was the zoo’s last original member when it first opened in 1934.

macaw in aviary

From Pub To Parrot Aviary & Zoo

Andy Cowell and his wife found a way to help more homeless animals than ever before by taking over a closed down, historic pub to make it a zoo and aviary.

Spixs Macaw sitting on a tree

Wild Spix Macaw Sighting

One of the rarest and most endangered parrots, the Spix macaw, was recently spotted in in its native Brazil. With a population estimated to be less than 100, all of which are in captivity, this exciting discovery of a Spix in the wild gives hope to the Spix’s survival.

Bald eagle with an artificial beak

3D Technology Offers New Lease On Life

Not too long ago, a bird with a broken-off beak or a tortoise with a destroyed shell would have a poor prognosis. Fortunately, advances in science and technology are giving us creative options for helping sick and injured animals.

Congo African Grey parrot on hand

Parrots As Service Animals

Parrots offer support to owners with special emotional needs, so could parrots someday be recognized as service animals?

boy holding caique

U.K. Boy Raises Money For Parrots

An 11-year-old boy in England gets help from his caique to deal with his autism, and he found a unique way to help both needy parrots and cancer patients.

Sun Conure sitting on cage

Lost Conure Lands On TV Reporter

Lola the sun conure flew off, making her owner frantic to find her. A happy reunion followed after Lola mistook a TV reporter for her owner and got on TV.

Iggy Pop's Parrot

Rockstar Cockatoo

It’s not everyday that a parrot’s Instagram account garners 14,000 fans in just a month’s time. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Iggy Pop, frontman for the influential proto-punk band The Stooges, recently created an Instagram account for his Moluccan Cockatoo, Biggy Pop, who has taken over social media as only a cockatoo can do.

Military macaw sitting on a branch

Macaws Get U.S. Fish & Wildlife Protection

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service adds two species of macaw to its list of endangered species. Each has 13,000 individuals or less left in the wild.

blue-fronted Amazon parrot

Do Parrots Get Depressed?

Behavior offers clues on your bird’s mental state. Lack of appetite, feather picking, and changing habits might indicate an emotional struggle.

Toucan with a 3D Printed Beak

A Printed Prosthetic For A Damaged Beak

A brave toucan named Tieta can eat again thanks a special collaboration between the South American wildlife management group Instituto Vida Livre and three Brazilian universities determined to give her a new start in life. See what her 3D printable beak looks like and how she’s learning to use it!

Macaws and Amazon parrots share a clay lick at the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru

Adventure Awaits: Bird-Watching Tours

From South America and Central America to Africa and Indonesia — and just about everywhere in between — there are hundreds of bird-watching tours to choose from and each offers a unique adventure in birding. Here’s a glimpse of a few travel options where you can see parrots and other birds in their natural habitats.

Adubon Photography Award 2013

Capturing The Beauty of Birds

One of the many ways that we appreciate our birds of nature is by photography of them in the wild. Since 2010, The National Audubon Society has held an annual Photography Awards, inviting aspiring photographers to participate, namely those who are willing to wait for that once in a lifetime shot.

Half sider parakeet in a cage

A Unique Feather Color Mutation

Perhaps you’ve seen a “mash-up” video, where two or more recordings/elements are blended to create a new version. Nature has its own type of “mash-up” that can happen during the early embryonic stages of chick development. The result of this rare but natural phenomenon is referred to as a “half-sider” bird.

Toucan missing bill

New Technology Allows For A “Printable” Beak

The future of 3D printing is quite exciting — and it can even help our feathered friends. In fact, 3D printing might just be a lifesaver for this friendly toucan!

Two blue and gold macaws on a branch

How Feathers Color Our World

Colors give off psychological properties that can affect the way we feel. Read more about how birds’ colors grab our attention.

budgerigar, parakeet, budgie

Bird-Inspired Prose From Kevin Brockmeier

Kevin Brockmeier takes readers on a journey to a city where everyone sings, except a mute man who raises parakeets. And then something amazing happens.

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