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Artist Leila Jeffreys Captivates with Stunning Bird Portraits

Leila Jeffreys photo
Budgerigar by Leila Jeffreys

In the world of visual art, one of the methods of representation is the capture of a model in a perfect setting. With humans, the art of the figure, face, or stance becomes a unique display of perceived beauty. Of course, there are other uses such as sales, metaphorical discussion points, and other needs where a model display is often used. But we can also look to other things to model beauty and points. We have inanimate objects like mountains, abstract suggestions like the effect of wind through a tree to evoke awe, and sad moments in time that can move us to positive and necessary action. Birds! Birds also make incredible models for photos and paintings. What’s needed to move such captures to a higher place is the application of unique art. That takes a skilled artist to consistently present the world at large with such beauty.

Leila Jeffreys is an artist from Australia who uses the tools of photography to create incredible portraitures of birds of all kinds. The prints are large and reveal immaculate details of the bird subject she is working with. More amazing is the end product, which turns a bird into a persona that highlights the introspective reality of the bird itself. This is achieved by photographing a bird, eliminating all distraction to present a sharp, human-like photo that helps to bring forward personality, individual beauty, and a look into the eyes of the bird itself. In all cases, this has produced a moment of clarity known to momentarily take away the breath of the viewer.  This is the art of Leila Jeffreys.

Starting With Budgies

Jeffreys began her work in 2010 with portraits of budgerigars–the parakeet–with human-sized heads. This allowed the photo to capture the intricate areas of the beak, the feathers, and the eyes. With this human-like viewpoint, the essence of the birds was revealed becoming the focal point. As time progressed and her fame grew, Jeffreys turned to other exotic and wild birds to achieve the same goal. By 2019, she began to create other stunning works of art that showed a grouping of parakeets. These soon encouraged her to work in video in a successful attempt to recreate her unique view but in movement. These works are as amazing as her photographs are. She has also published three best-selling books featuring her works

Exhibition after exhibition has brought many admirers and well-known collectors to Jeffreys’ singular-styled work. They have sought to purchase her works and display them with pride within their homes and places of public display. As of this writing, a print sells for approximately $4,500 each. She is the subject of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2019 documentary, “Bird Nerd: The Art of Leila Jeffreys.” She has also been profiled in many magazines and newspapers worldwide for her vibrant approach to the beauty and humanization of a bird.

To be fully immersed in the beauty of Jeffreys’ art, it’s essential to see the works. The first place to start is in the space of her website. There, you can be awed by a sampling of the photographs, and her fascinating videos.

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