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4 tubs of Pellet-Berries

Pellet-Berries Recall

Lafeber Company is recalling all Pellet-Berries in an abundance of caution due to packaging issues that might allow moisture inside the tub in rare instances.

A grebe getting cleaned

A Firsthand Look At A Seabird Rescue

When Internal Bird Rescue got the call that 50 seabirds were in distress in the San Francisco Bay, they were soon tasked with saving cold, wet birds that suffered from a mysterious feather contamination. See the life-saving tactics rescuers quickly enacted, including the feeding of a one-of-a-kind Lafeber diet that helped save the day.

Princess-of-Wales Parakeet

Meet The Princess of Wales Parakeet

Not too many parrots have royal titles, which is just one way the Princess of Wales Parakeet (Polyteles alexandrae) stands out. This medium-sized, pastel-colored parrot with a long tail is native to Australia and is named after a real princess. Find out what this positively pretty bird is all about.

Blue fronted Amazon eating

Celebrating 25 Years of Nutri-Berries!

It’s official — Nutri-Berries have been making pet birds happier and healthier one Nutri-Berry at a time for 25 years now! It’s hard to imagine the pre-Nutri-Berries world … all those bland diets made offering balanced nutrition an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Nutri-Berries changed all that.

Three lineolated parakeets on a branch

Love of Linnies: Lineolated Parakeets

Perhaps it’s time to make room on the perch for another small parrot that can also be a great companion — the lineolated parakeet, or simply, the linnie. Never heard of a linnie? Read on!

Red Parakeet

Meet The Bourke’s Parakeet

The Bourke’s parakeet (Neophema Bourkii) is a gem among the members of the popular Neophema family, a group of colorful grasskeets that originate in Australia.

Senior Nutri-berries

Senior Bird Nutri-Berries

Learn about the ingredients in Senior Bird Nutri-Berries that might help your older bird live a longer, healthier life.

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky

Summertime Fun, Summertime Safe!

Those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” are here! Check out how the activities of the season could affect your bird.

Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries Conure

Announcing NEW Nutri-Berries for Your Conure!

Lafeber Company has put a bright new spotlight on bird food for your conure by introducing a brand new size of Nutri-Berries!

Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes

Announcing NEW Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes ~ A Delightful Explosion of Tastes

Introducing Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes. Your bird will go bonkers over the blend of original Avi-Cakes with cranberries, dates, mango, papaya, and pineapple!

Dr. T. J. Lafeber

The Heart of Lafeber Company is a Love for Birds

The heart of Lafeber Company is a true love for birds. It’s still inspired today by the special passion deep in the heart of our founder — Dr. Lafeber, Sr.


Lafeber Company: Premium Pet Bird Food & A Wealth Of Bird Care Resources

Our recipes are developed by Dr Lafeber along with top avian veterinarians and nutritionists. Every formula is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure optimum avian health.

head and shoulders of a blue and gold macaw eating

The Real Deal in Macaw Meals: Bird Food by Lafeber

Lafeber bird food provides balanced nutrition that includes foraging opportunities, which helps you offer the best food to your macaw.

double yellow-headed Amazon on perch eating

Meal Appeal for Your Parrot: Bird Food by Lafeber

The wide variety of nutritious foods and treats from Lafeber ensure that your bird gets the right nutrition and is never bored.

cockatiel perched on finger

Serve a Good Meal: Bird Food for Your Cockatiel

Lafeber pet bird foods offer a variety of nutritious foods for your beloved top-knotted little friend.

Parakeet food

In the Mood for Great Parakeet Food?

Lafeber bird foods are a simple and healthy way for you to feed your budgie/parakeet!

Lafeber's Pellet-Berries

Introducing Pellet-Berries — a New Pet Bird Food from Lafeber Company

We are thrilled to tell the whole world about our newest product and announce that pelleted diets are no longer boring!

Chestnut-fronted Macaw

The Splash About Bird Baths

Birds like to get wet and water stimulates normal preening behavior. So, how can you help your bird bathe and enjoy water to the fullest?

Parrot food

Things are in Good Shape at Lafeber Company!

The seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables in Nutri-Berries offer your bird whole-food goodness and also add lots of tastes and textures for foraging pleasure in every bite.

Sunny Orchard Nutri-berries small bird

Stand Up for Stand Up Bags!

Your favorites ~ Tropical Fruit, Sunny Orchard, El Paso and Garden Veggie ~ are easy to recognize in their familiar bright packages that are now made wider at the bottom to make them stand upright.

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