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January 25, 2021

What is CPBC

What does CPBC mean and how do you get that title?
Please offer the (senior) Amazon a flat perch.


Hi Barbara,

CPBC is a certification offered by the IAABC for individuals who are pursuing a career as a pet bird behavior consultant. More information can be found here:

You had suggested a flat perch for the senior Amazon that was described as sometimes resting horizontally on his perch. While this type perch can be helpful for some birds, it is more important to determine the reason for this posture rather than just assume it is due to arthritis or another mobility issue. Often the cause of something can seem very obvious, but it can turn out to be something serious. The owner was advised to consult with an experienced, board certified Avian Veterinarian in order try to determine the cause. Arthritis is certainly a possibility with a senior bird. But the bird could have an internal issue such as a tumor, or a balance issue caused by a nutritional issue, or a vision problem, or any of a number of issues that cause the bird to lean forward or slump on his perch. A flat perch might be more comfortable, but with some birds it can make things worse. A full physical exam and lab tests can reveal the true cause if there is a physical cause, or the bird may simply be more comfortable in that position. As this bird was described as a senior, it wouldn’t be responsible to suggest a “solution” based on the little bit of information provided. Once the bird has had a check up, we can follow up with the owner and determine if a special perch or maybe a platform would be good to offer the bird, along with his usual perches that he is used to.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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