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Webinar: Avian Vet Insider: The Familiar & The Rare—Bird Species Avian Vets Have Treated

Webinar: Avian Vet Insider—

Date: Friday, November 12, 2021

Special Time: 11:00 am PST (double-check your local time with this time zone converter)

Join us for a FREE, live, interactive webinar hosted by Laura Doering, former editor of Bird Talk magazine and Birds USA magazine. Our special guest, Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice), will talk about the top 5 bird species she treats most often, and the top 5 rarest bird species she has treated. Your Avian Vet will see many of the same species every week. The familiarity with these species can be helpful, even though each case is unique in its own way. On the other end of things, your Avian Vet sometimes sees an uncommon and even very rare avian species as a patient. Cases like this can bring their own set of challenges, especially if this is the first time the Vet has encountered a particular species. Find out what species are treated day-to-day, and how treating a rare species might be different, in this insider’s view of the daily happenings at your Avian Vet’s clinic.


Missed our webinar? No problem! You can access the webinar in its entirety here:



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