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Celebrate Your Bird April 11

Jenday ConureToday is National Pet Day—an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on April 11th that encourages all of us to pay our pets some extra attention. It is also a day to commemorate everything that our pets do for us on a daily basis. If you share your home with a feathered pet, companionship can be filled with vocal duets, conversations that loop back over and over (i.g., you find yourself answering, “How are you?” over and over), and adventures in buying the right toy or creating the perfect item for your bird to destroy. Your bird might be your shower buddy, fellow foodie, dance partner or cuddle bug, etc. Take time today to do something extra special for you bird. Buy or make them a special treat or spend some extra time with them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Buy or build your bird a new toy or treat
  • Take some silly pictures of your pet (or with your pet) and share with friends and family, or update your phone screen
  • Don’t let dogs and cats steal the spotlight—share photos of your bird on social media and use the hashtag #NationalPetDay
  • Help someone in need buy pet food or other items for their pet bird(s)

How do you celebrate your pet? Do share!

One thought on “Celebrate Your Bird April 11

  1. I treated them with spray bath since it very hot here in the Philippines> I had 2 pairs of frican lovebirds and 5 pairs of budgies.

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