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Family With Loss Turns Sadness Into A Thriving Sanctuary

Eclectus and Indian-ringnecked There are many interesting stories about proud owners of exotic birds who have lost a feathered friend for one sad reason or another. The stories intensify when we learn that because of a loss, a caregiver seeks to become a solution and a safe haven for other unfortunate large birds. Often this turns into lifelong commitments. These ideas generally turn into small but essential sanctuaries and proper care facilities for one of our most misunderstood realities when seeking exotic pets — a bird who could actually outlive their caregivers.

Eclectus parrot

The Beginning Of PDS

In 2012, Monika Sangar purchased an Eclectus parrot. As a first-time caregiver, she learned how to care for her new parrot like most new owners do — by experience and by acquired help. Within six months the parrot, now named Prego, died from a neurological disorder. Sangar believed the parrot to be much younger than it likely was, but the bird’s age was likely misrepresented. With a wealth of accumulated knowledge sought out during the ordeal with Prego, Sangar decided to apply that knowledge in an effort to assist and help other parrots. In 2014, she opened the Prego Dalliance Sanctuary (PDS) with the acquisition of a rescued parrot named Pepper, who was completely plucked.

During the first year, PDS’ services researched more fully the plight of plucked birds. They examined and studied the diet, environment, and medical care that the troubled parrots received. They also explored holistic medical approaches in an effort to improve upon the health of afflicted parrots.

Indian ring-neck

The Prego Dalliance Sanctuary Helps Parrots And Parronts

During the existence of Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, Sangar and her family have intervened and helped over 100 parrots from lives that might have been mired in pain and disruption. Instead, they’ve provided a loving home, good food, and medical care, all of which are largely dependent upon charitable donations to the service. Additionally, the family creates and sells a collection of enrichment and play toys via Etsy that also help in the needed payments for essential resources that look after the birds in their care.

Prego Dalliance Sanctuary is heavily involved in rescue and adoption, and even fostering services for their birds. They act as a center of information for “parronts” who adopt birds so people are never in the dark about any issues surrounding the bird in their care. Sangar offers this wise advice to potential bird owners: “I will never say, ‘Yes, adopt a parrot.’ They are exotic animals and, as such, need a lot of care. They are loud, destructive, emotional, and highly intelligent animals. You need to be a special type of person to be able to deal with all of that.”

Today, the Prego Dalliance Sanctuary, a small non-profit service located in Los Angeles, is a thriving sanctuary with about 20 birds within its walls. Those birds include Eclectus parrots, ring-necked parrots, and Alexandrine parrots.

In addition to its website, you can learn more about Prego Dalliance Sanctuary at their Facebook page, and their social bases on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and a YouTube channel.

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4 thoughts on “Family With Loss Turns Sadness Into A Thriving Sanctuary

  1. I have known Monika Sanger on Facebook for several years. I enjoy all the pictures and videos she posts of her sanctuary, PDS, her birds and their activities, foods she makes and includes in their diets, toys she make for them, and discussions of life at PDS with her birds. Keep up the good work, Monika!

  2. I think Monika is an amazing caregiver & does all she can for the birds. I look forward to her posts, laughs, tests – tons of information. I have had feather babies for years, first with my sons, then with 5 & now down to 2, all rehomed with me & 2 were found.
    If I need to info, Monika is who I ask.

  3. Monika does an amazing job with her birds! I hope to meet up with her some day, even though I’m a cockatoo mom and she is devoted to her ekkies, alexandrines, and irn’s! I love following her and I know she is really dedicated, if anyone wants to know anything about these beautiful birds or wants toys, she is the queen!

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