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Lost African Grey Parrot’s Return Home Brings Joy To Her Special Human Friend

African grey parrot sits on food bowl
Image courtesy Zara Williams

Every parrot owner has feared the escape of their beloved bird. The sequence of opening a door or window, the sudden flap of wings by an inquisitive bird, and the movement of air as the bird flies past you and into the wide, borderless world of adventure and answers can be frightful.

For some, the ending is filled with sadness as the bird they have loved and nurtured disappears forever into that big world. But many have been lucky in that the bird comes back or is found in neighboring locales and successfully retrieved.

This is the harrowing story of Precious, the parrot belonging to the family of Zara Williams and, more specifically, to her 10-year-old autistic daughter, Erin.

Precious In So Many Ways

girl holds bird toys
10-year-old Erin was thrilled to have African grey parrot Precious back at home. Image courtesy Zara Williams

Erin had deeply bonded with Precious, an African grey parrot that the family acquired four years earlier as a companion bird for the family. But as things happen, it was Erin who began to spend a lot of her time with Precious, unlocking a connection that would help each other in many ways.

Erin and Precious talk with each other frequently. For the family, Precious is highly important to Erin’s emotional state. Being autistic has kept Erin close to herself without speaking much to her surrounding family. But Precious has given Erin a sense of trust, a feeling that she can freely chat and communicate with a friend. Precious has attached to that trust and is often found in the company of Erin.

This attachment underscores the power of emotional support animals and creatures like Precious, who amply supply a wealth of comfort to their owners that may be difficult to discover elsewhere. This strong bond would soon lead to an intense concern as Precious would experience a “moment” in the outer world.

Unexpected Wind Leads To Unexpected Flight

African grey parrot naps on t-stand
Back home safe, Precious the African grey parrot takes a nap. Image courtesy Zara Williams

One day, Precious was taken out onto the family deck to enjoy some of the nice outdoor weather. A gusty instant knocked the cage over, dislodging the latch. In the whirlwind of a frantic second, Precious was outside the cage with a world of possibilities wholly dependent on her decision to stay or take flight. She flew into the unknown.

For two full days and nights, Precious was gone, leaving a grieving child behind. But, as luck would have it, Precious, who was injured in her time away from the safety of her home, was discovered by another family in the next village. Precious was found near their garage shed and in need of immediate attention, which the family provided her. The family then reviewed Facebook for nearby pleas of help in locating the wandering bird.

The Williams family was located and contacted, and they immediately retrieved Precious, reuniting an extremely distraught but now happy child with the bird that has provided her with so much friendship. She had shed tears of happiness that her friend would be returning to her.

There are many instances of emotional support animals that provide comfort. Many animals are trained to go an extra step with aid. But an inner connection can never be taught. That comes naturally. With Erin and Precious, their connection is what makes the world go around. We’re overjoyed that Erin and Precious are once again together.

3 thoughts on “Lost African Grey Parrot’s Return Home Brings Joy To Her Special Human Friend

  1. The Williams family was indeed fortunate that Precious was found by a nearby family who rescued and helped her and was able to find the Williams family to return her. So glad that Erin, especially, was reunited with the feathered friend that means so much to her! Since African Greys live a long time, hopefully Erin and Precious will have many, many happy years together. Special thanks to the kind family who found Precious, took good care of her and made sure she got back home!

  2. Very touched by this story. Having autism myself I know what it means to have an African gray for company. The friendship with my parrot Bobby lasts already 41 years and I hope for many more. All the best for Erin and Precious!

  3. I am so happy this bird was reunited with it’s very much needed human ! Great news, hope they both have a hapy life together! Sincerely, CJ

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