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Ollie The Cockatiel Takes On Epic Fundraising Trek Across New Zealand

cockatiel wearing sweaete
image courtesy of Robyn Chappell

Nature employs its own immutable rules as to how it moves forward. It does as it wants with little regard to the inhabitants of the world. As living and breathing elements that live within the sphere, all things must adapt if they are able. Even living entities create their own sets of rules within the conformity of nature to ensure that survival is key. But often that results in unfortunate incidents much like the one that Ollie the cockatiel has endured.

As a young chick, Ollie was attacked by his father in the nest resulting in a mangled leg that was dislocated and twisted backward. Other wounds incurred by the attack were concerning. The initial thought was to euthanize the chick, but it was decided that the chick be allowed to pass on its own.

But Ollie was having none of that. Instead, Ollie rebounded, and despite his obvious handicap, Ollie developed completely unhindered by the disability. As of this writing, Ollie is 2 years old and as vibrant as can be.

A ‘Tiel Walkabout

cockatiel on perch wearing red sweater with a white heart on chest
image courtesy of Robyn Chappell

Ollie lives with his “hoomum,” Robyn, who runs Huntington Stable Retreat, a bed and breakfast in Cambridge, New Zealand. Robyn also runs Bird Rescue Cambridge. Recently, it was bandied about that Robyn and Ollie undertake a complete walk on the Te Araroa Trail located in New Zealand at Cape Reinga. It’s roughly over 1,800 miles in length with one 917-mile straight-line trail that ends in Bluff. The intended purpose of the travel was to raise awareness of the need to get out and explore, as well as provide some needed contributions for the upkeep of the trail. A Facebook page, and an Instagram page were created to monitor and document the trip as well as other aspects of Ollie’s beautiful life.

cockatiel wearing sweater
Ollie the cockatiel wearing sweater; article by Robyn Chappell

As it turns out, the COVID pandemic and all the concerns that come with it have disrupted the continuous walk. But they still find the time to visit towns and other locations along the trail, albeit in parts. The goal is still there to urge people off their couches and into nature to enjoy the sights, sounds, and freshness of the experiences that can be had.

A funding page has been started at GiveALittle with the received funds being given to the Te Araroa Trail. You can visit that page here. You can also learn more about the Te Araroa Trail here.

Not only do we love a story of a bird fighting back from seemingly catastrophic odds as Ollie did, but we also love to see how they thrive despite disabilities that are great hindrances to normality. Ollie doesn’t seem to notice his, which we love even more. We wish the absolute best for Ollie, who looks adorable in all the knitted pieces that he wears.

2 thoughts on “Ollie The Cockatiel Takes On Epic Fundraising Trek Across New Zealand

  1. What a WONDERFUL story and a delightful, loving family. But who WOULDN’T love this adorable and plucky little ‘tiel (my favorite bird – and I love ALL birds)!
    Most of all, these are the kind of people the world needs – the kind who give back and make the world a little better place.
    If I ever get to New Zealand, I’ll be sure to stay at their B&B and in the meantime, I’ll help share this story.
    And love those sweaters!!!!!

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