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October 1, 2018

Love bird reaction when I make eye contact

Hello, Someone in your office suggested Brenda or Kathi for this question… I buy your lovebird products regularly. I have a bird question. My lovebird will fly to the bottom of the cage whenever she sees me or I make eye contact. It makes me think she is afraid of me but to my knowledge I never do anything to make her afraid. She is the green and orange breed which I’ve heard is very territorial. She was laying eggs excessively all through the spring and summer but I am limiting her daylight hours by covering her cage and that seems to be working. I thought her going to the bottom of the cage was because of her egg laying but she hasn’t layed any eggs for a month of two but still hangs around the bottom of the cage whenever she sees me? Any thoughts?


Hi Liz,

This is probably still breeding related. She views her cage bottom as a nest and feels safe there. She is possibly being protective and territorial. Reducing her light is a good idea because the chronic egg laying is not good for her health. Make sure she doesn’t have anything to shred or nest in – no dishes on the cage bottom or anything that she can sit inside of. Does she play with toys? It sounds like she is not a tame bird at all. Be patient with her, talk softly to her and keep your movements slow around her. She may just be very shy if she has never been handled. She might never be a tame bird, but she can learn to trust you. Hopefully she won’t start laying eggs again. This can result in very reclusive behavior along with the stress to her body. Try to find some toys she likes, maybe a swing – anything to encourage her to spend less time on the bottom of the cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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