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Summertime Fun, Summertime Safe!

scarlet macaw in flight in blue sky
Screens can prevent your feathered friend from escaping when you open windows or doors.

Those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” are here!

Let’s check out how the activities of the season could affect your bird:

  • Enjoying the fresh air: Opening doors and windows will let in the fresh air of summer — but it will also give your bird a direct path out! Screens are a good idea.
  • Keeping cool: It’s time to turn on the ceiling fans for that cool breeze. Of course, this poses an obvious hazard so be sure to turn them off when your bird is out of the cage!
  • Swimming: Ah, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in your backyard pool! Remember to keep the chlorine and muratic acid where your bird can’t reach them — they are poisonous if ingested.
  • Cookouts: Outdoor grilling is a summertime favorite. Be careful not to leave the lighter fluid or matches lying around — neither one would be good for your bird to find.
  • Fishing: As you get ready to catch the big ones this year, don’t let your bird explore your tackle box. Lead sinkers are toxic! Other items that pose a lead problem if chewed are painted surfaces, batteries, some jewelry, and galvanized wire.
  • Sun tanning: While you are soaking up the rays for that perfect tan, keep the lid on your lotion or oil. These products are not safe for your bird to eat or to get on his feathers.
  • Basking in the sun: Putting your bird in a sunny window with no shelter can cause overheating in a very short time. Use Caution!
  • Canning garden vegetables and cooking sweet corn: Birds are attracted to water — open boiling pots are a real danger. Watch out!
  • Washing Windows: Ever seen the Windex commercial?
  • Summertime pests: Bug sprays, pest strips, or flea medicine for your dog or cat can be harmful to your bird. Do not use these products near your feathered friend!

Warm wishes for a wonderful summer from your Friends at Lafeber Company!

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