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The Man Who Sustained the Life of a Parakeet in an Egg

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Image source: A Chick Called Albert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd2srYijPhc

Stories abound about people who have valiantly rescued abandoned creatures found in the wild. There’s nothing more haunting than watching a visibly thin puppy walking alongside a highway, finding baby birds abandoned on the ground, or a newborn kitten all by itself. All are at the mercy of a world that is in constant motion.

By miracle, there seems to be the occasional guardian angel of a human being that is always watchful, always willing to take on a responsibility that would put most people in doubt of themselves. It is within these moments that the value of life is appreciated and attended to in extreme measure, as it requires extreme spirit. Here is an unusual story of a found parakeet egg in a cage at a pet store by one such guardian angel/human after the mother had already been sold.

A man had gone into the pet store and by luck and an observant eye noticed an egg in a cage where only a male parakeet remained. The mother had been sold earlier and the egg went unnoticed by the staff. The man approached the staff and asked to procure the egg. The staff agreed and gave him the parakeet egg free of charge.

The man then placed the tiny egg within a matchbox, took it home, and incubated it. It was his responsibility to turn the egg several times a day to prevent the bird from adhering to one specific side. After a few days, the man was able to detect a beating heart inside the egg, and the die was cast. There would be life soon enough. And he would nurture it.

On the 19th day of careful incubation, the baby parakeet emerged, loudly chirping as it extracted itself from the confines of the protective egg. The parrot was attached to part of the shell by an umbilical cord. The man then removed the remaining shell and surgically severed the cord. The journey was only just beginning for both. There were the means of feeding, a procedure that was heavily researched by the man while the egg incubated. Once hatched, the learned feeding procedures would have to be successfully put into practice.

The man loaded a spoon with a liquid mixture that was created to provide adequate sustenance to the baby parakeet. The parakeet clumsily found the spoon and learned that it held only good things for it. It learned to trust and to depend on that spoon and its content to feed itself. Once finished, the satiated bird rested and then rose to be fed again. This would become a procedure that required feeding eight times a day.

Over time, the young hatchling grew and eventually flew inside the house. The man then called the pet store to find out if the male parakeet remained. It had, and the man purchased the father to house with the son. The two parakeets bonded and now have a home together.

Since the event that changed the life of the man who saved the life of a bird still within an egg, he has gone on to bring hope for many by way of a Patreon (here) that allows for monies acquired to help in this endeavor. In return, the man will help those that are in similar positions as he found himself in. Today, the man has helped many creatures that may not have had a chance at all.

The story was told by a nine-minute-long video found on YouTube in an account called A Chick Called Albert (here). To date, this video has been viewed a stunning 74 million times and has generated almost three million subscribers to follow the life of the lucky budgie that had been lovingly rescued. His YouTube channel houses many stories in video that will charm you, and make you cry with joy.

“…because everything living being deserves a chance.”


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