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The Parakeet Rangers of Guyana

sun conuresAt the end of 2019, One Earth Conservation finished seven days of surveying the endangered sun parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis), also referred to as the sun conure, in the Karasabai Village. I had joined up with the parakeet rangers of this region to determine how many sun parakeets there actually were. A full survey had never been undertaken before, and for good reason. To cover the entire area means a lot of hiking, hammock camping, and getting around by boats, All Terrain Vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, and trucks.

This amazing group of rangers was up for it. We were spread thin over a large area, but we learned a lot more about this species than we knew before: where they roost (in communal or family cavities), where they nest, and where they forage. We were grateful to realize that there were more of them than the 200 we had thought previously existed. And there were juveniles accompanying the adults, meaning that the work of these rangers and this village is bearing fruit, or rather, parrots. Their efforts over the last years to stop poaching were having a positive impact, though the project has just really begun.

sun parakeet project

A Song Of Peace

To celebrate the week’s hard work, we had a gathering where the rangers wrote a song about their work, and performed it.

We are the peaceful Rangers

From the Pakaraimas

Protecting our parrots

Flying all around


Educating our people

About conservation

Not to trap any parrots

We have that right


Stop burning up the mountains

Stop burning up the trees

Stop polluting the rivers

That belong to you


Stop trapping all the parrots

Stop trapping parakeets

Stop trapping all the macaws

That belong to you


Sun conure projectThey described themselves not just as rangers, but as peaceful rangers. The work of conservation is a work of peace. Though it feels like war at times due to the overwhelming challenges and frequent threats and actualities of violence, we must live and breathe peace in all we do. There is no ultimate liberation unless we change the dominating culture where others are systematically oppressed and societal and environmental violence is heaped upon them.

We must be the change we wish.

We must be the peace we long for.

We must protect and liberate ourselves and others.

Let us sing. We are the peaceful rangers!

We change, protect, liberate, and sing so that we can feel welcome on this planet, and so that we are welcoming to the man others to Earth, our sweet home.

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  1. I so hope you are successful in saving not only these birds but all birds. We are losing so many birds & animals to poaching or hunting. It’s so sad. Prayers for your success and hope it continues.


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