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TikTok Sensation Hamlet The Indian Ringneck Brightens The Day

blue Indian ring-necked parakeet perches on back of a chair
Hamlet the Indian ring-necked parakeet has become a TikTok star, and his funny antics have helped lift the spirits of those experiencing bouts of depression. Image courtesy of Bridget Chant.

Birds are just as capable of providing emotional support to people as dogs and cats do. In some respects, and with the proper training, birds as emotional support creatures can add to the quality of life significantly. Sometimes it’s just a bird’s ability to mimic a human voice that can comfort someone with anxieties that may preclude people from public interaction. We enjoy putting a spotlight on owners and the unique ways that their bird pals contribute to their lives, and perhaps the lives of others.

Meet Bridget and her parakeet friend, Hamlet. Hamlet is a beautiful blue Indian ring-necked parakeet that has picked up a few words and phrases along the way. The then 8-week-old Hamlet was acquired when Bridget was in college in Australia to keep her company. The parakeet provided someone to take care of during her college years. This took her mind off her troublesome anxieties. With anxieties a part of her emotional makeup, Hamlet immediately began to help Bridget find a level of calm and peace.

Hamlet The Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet Takes Over TikTok

Hamlet is now a medium-sized, energetic parakeet. For the last four years, he kept Bridget amused and occupied. He was named after the Shakespeare character, because Bridget has a background in theater and acting. On the arrival of the pandemic, Bridget decided to video Hamlet’s outward personality displayed in his antics and the cute phrases that he uses. One of those is “What doing?” He frequently uses this phrase. After a few video posts to the popular short video website TikTok, Bridget discovered quickly that not only was Hamlet helping her, but he was also helping hundreds of thousands in the metaverse as well.

Soon enough, Bridget’s TikTok account was burgeoning with followers. Today, her popular TikTok account is numbered a whopping 4.1 million engaged followers. They watch every video posted with Hamlet involved. And it seems that Hamlet is plugged in on the party line. It’s evident that he is a willing participant in the videos. It appears as if he knows that a camera means showtime.

Bridget originally intended for the TikTok videos to be a joy for others to watch. She didn’t expect the explosive popularity that Hamlet is getting.

Hamlet Brings Joy

Bridget began to receive a large inflow of messages from followers that have depression. They let her know that each video was a source of happiness. The videos provide many with a bad moment the ability to smile and to feel good. Parents with children that have communicative disorders have also written to Bridget to express profound thanks that Hamlet had brightened the day of a child.

Hamlet’s website sells talking, plushie replications of himself, creatively designed “What Doing?” mugs, tees, and even a hoodie. Check out his TikTok page, with its many videos, most with 400,000 likes.

We love Hamlet and his vibrant personality. We wish the best for Hamlet and Bridget, and for their many followers.

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  1. Hamlet is a real looker; that striking blue color, that sharp black ring and a bright red beak, is a
    great way to fly. I had an Indian Ringneck, she was a female, and females aren’t as decked out as the males. Although. Gabrielle was a beautiful green with a red beak and a very long tail. I enjoyed her very much, but she has passed on to
    another bird planet. I’m sure you enjoy him.

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