Amphibian History Form


A detailed history is mandatory for the amphibian patient as husbandry needs can have a tremendous impact on amphibian health. During initial contact, encourage the owner to bring the entire enclosure into the clinic for evaluation whenever possible. Alternatively, encourage the client to bring in photographs or a diagram of the habitat as well as any husbandry records.  Although husbandry needs can vary considerably among amphibians (Table 1), most species require ambient humidity levels exceeding 70% to 80% (Mylniczenko 2009, Clayton 2007).

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Table 1. Recommended temperature range based on species environment (Mylniczenko 2009)
Natural habitat Recommended range °C (°F)
Tropical lowland, including aquatic species 24-30 (75-86)
Subtropical, including aquatic species 21-27 (70-81)
Tropical montane (moist, cool, coniferous), including aquatic species 18-24 (64-75)
Temperate, summer 18-24 (64-75)
Aquatic, temperate pond (summer) 18-24 (64-75)
Aquatic, temperature stream (summer) 16-21 (61-70)
Hibernation 10-16 (50-61)


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