Emeraid, life saving nutrition

Emeraid Nutrition for Critical Care

  • Species-Specific Nutrition: Each type of Emeraid has been developed to address a specific nutritional strategy and save the lives of debilitated animals. Our semi-elemental feline diet contains appropriate low levels of carbohydrates and high levels of protein plus fiber to maintain intestinal motility and normal microflora.
  • Energy-rich diets mean more calories per ML for better patient care. Emeraid systems also provide a high level of nutritional flexibility for the veterinarian. Each nutrient-dense Emeraid formula can be prepared more or less concentrated, and each diet can also be mixed with other Emeraids or other foods.
  • Economical: A powder formulation means extended shelf life. No more throwing out the container after opening.

There are many benefits to the Emeraid line. Visit Emeraid.com/vet to learn more.

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