Small Mammal Food

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<!–Hey!Berries™ are innovative treats that combine the high-fiber, low-energy, and low-calcium goodness of timothy hay with the tasty nutrition of mango and papaya. The result is a nutritious foraging treat shaped like a berry that promotes foraging and interaction as small mammals nibble.

Features and Benefits

  • Approximately 70% of Hey!Berries consists of timothy hay pellets, which are high in fiber and low in energy and calcium.
  • High fiber promotes normal gastrointestinal motility.
  • The combination of dried, human-grade mango and papaya with timothy hay creates a palatable treat.
  • The “berry” shape encourages small mammals to roll, carry, and play with their food.
  • The combination of pelleted hay and fruit morsels provides a range of stimulating textures

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Recommended Use

Hey!Berries are a nutritious treat designed to promote foraging and interaction in small herbivores such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus.

Recommended Hey!Berries Per Day
Body weight (kg) (1 kg = 2.2 lbs) Berries per day
Up to 1 kg 1.0
Up to 2 kg 1.5
Up to 3 kg 2.0
Up to 4 kg 2.5
Up to 5 kg 3.0
Up to 6 kg 3.5
Up to 7 kg 4.0

Guaranteed Analyses

Crude Protein (Min.) 9.00%
Crude Fat (Min.) 2.00%
Crude Fiber (Min.) 22.00%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 26.00%
Moisture (Max.) 8.00%
Calcium (Min.) 0.30%
Calcium (Max.) 0.60%
Phosphorus (Min.) 0.19%


Timothy grass, papaya, mango, maltodextrin, corn syrup, glycerin, agar powder, hydrolyzed soy protein, choline chloride, iodized salt, DL-methionine, calcium propionate, citric acid, manganese proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate.

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