Avian Behavioral History Form 2 – Parrots

Avian Behavioral History Form 2

Provided by behaviorist, Pamela Clark:

I have used this behavior consult information form for 10 years, perfecting it along the way. I find it invaluable for a variety of reasons:

  • If it is too much trouble for a client to complete this form in detail, they are unlikely to be motivated enough to implement the many changes I am going to recommend. It is best to address that in the beginning and query the client as to what their goals really are.
  •  The physical manner in which a client completes the form tells me a lot about them and their educational level. This allows me to tailor my recommendations and delivery
  • The manner in which clients respond to questions tells me a lot about their relationship with their parrot.
  • The questionnaire addresses the same issues in slightly different ways with different questions. This provides for some interesting revelations from owners.
  • And, finally…the form allows me to generate a well-organized, logical set of recommendations for the owner.

Download Behavioral History Form 2 PDF