Avicultural Medicine: General Concepts

Key Points

  • When dealing with a large collection of birds, the health of the flock must be the primary concern.
  • Most production-related problems occur in flocks managed by the beginner aviculturist, and it is with these clients that we often can make the greatest impact.
  • The evaluation of the whole collection and follow-up recommendations should be based on the analysis of the clients’ mission statement, aviary and traffic flow maps, finances, and records.
  • Health assessment of an aviary is a multi-faceted task that combines a review of all management protocols within a facility in combination with a site visit.
  • Another important part of aviary health assessment is to evaluate environmental enrichment provided to birds.

The cornerstone of successful aviculture is healthy breeding birds. These birds should be kept in a stress-free environment and provided with optimal nutrition to meet their physiological needs. Sound management techniques are paramount to ensure the birds remain healthy. Proper environmental enrichment is also important for psychological and behavioral well-being . . .

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