Avicultural Medicine: Quarantine Protocols

Key Points

  • Quarantine birds for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Keep new birds as far as possible from the breeding birds and nursery.
  • Educate the client extensively on the importance of keeping new birds isolated from the rest of the flock. Also educate the client on the practical day-to-day methods of quarantine.
  • The decision as to what to test for during quarantine must be carefully balanced between the number of birds, the carrier potential for the species, and the client’s budget.


Quarantine is a basic component of good preventive medicine. The purpose of quarantine is to protect both the existing collection and the new arrival. New birds are usually stressed and may be more susceptible to infectious diseases. The quarantine period also allows the new bird(s) to acclimate to its new environment, food, and owner. Proper client education is paramount to minimize and/or eliminate the risk of infectious disease outbreaks . . .

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