Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module


Welcome to LafeberVet’s Basic Rabbit Care Teaching Module!


Upon completion of this learning aid, the participant will have a basic clinical understanding of…

  • What is a rabbit?
  • Common rabbit breeds
  • Rabbit anatomy and physiology
  • Rabbit behavior
  • Rabbit restraint and handling, and
  • Husbandry needs


Anatomy & Physiology

Rabbit Anatomy Slideshow

23 minutes + brief quiz

Rabbit Reproduction Basics

7 minutes + brief quiz

 Close up rabbit incisors

Photo credit: LafeberVet

Grey rabbit

Photo credit: Maartje Eyskens via Flickr Creative Commons


Rabbit Breed Basics

8 minutes + brief quiz

Behavior Essentials

17 minutes + brief quiz


Photo credit: Dr. Lauren Thielen

Photo credit: Jannes Pockele

Photo credit: Jannes Pockele

Handling Husbandry

Rabbit Restraint Video

View the 2 minute video or read text, then take the brief quiz

Rabbit Care Handout & Infographic

9 minutes + brief quiz

Bunny burrito

Photo credit: LafeberVet

Coal bunny

Photo credit: Coal Bunny

Rabbit Reproduction Basics

Visit the sections listed below. Although the target audience for this review article is veterinarians, many of the key points for the veterinary technician or veterinary nurse are emphasized in the brief quiz.

Behavior Essentials: The European Rabbit

Visit the following sections in this review article:





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