David Brust, DVM

David Brust DVM
David Brust is a 1984 graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinarian Medicine and has been practicing exotic animal medicine for the last 31 years. Dr. Brust currently serves as President of the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians, which is composed of nearly 2000 veterinarians in 30 countries. He is the Past-President of the West Houston VMA and past host of the radio talk show “Ask the Vet”. Dr. Brust is the author of Sugar Gliders the Complete Veterinary Care Guide, and the Exotic DVM article “What Every Veterinarian Needs to Know about Sugar Gliders“. He has contributed to the Exotic Animal Formulary and has taught several Veterinary Information Network courses on sugar gliders. He has also published several clinical studies on sugar glider diets and husbandry. As an outspoken advocate for sound husbandry practices, Dr. Brust has filmed over 30 educational videos for the public regarding proper sugar glider care and husbandry.

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