Article  Information sheet 

Basic Information Sheet: Ramphastidae

The birds of family Ramphastidae are found in South and Central America, from central Mexico to southern Brazil, and include the large toucans, the smaller aracaris, and the very small toucanets. This information sheet reviews natural history and taxonomy, as well as diet, housing, behavior, normal physiologic data and anatomy, restraint, behavior, and important medical conditions seen in family Ramphastidae.

Client Education Handout 

Care of Toucans, Toucanets & Aracaris

This client education handout reviews basic care of birds in family Ramphastidae: toucans, toucanettes, and aracaris. Topics covered in detail include housing, such as space and temperature, as well as well as diet and breeding.

Tariq Abou-Zahr BVSc CertAVP (ZooMed) DECZM (Avian) MRCVS  EBVS® European Veterinary Specialist in Zoological Medicine (Avian Medicine & Surgery) 

Dr. Abou-Zahr is an avian and exotic veterinary surgeon from the United Kingdom, currently practicing at Valley Vets in Cardiff, Wales. He graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014 and gained the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Zoological Medicine in 2018. Tariq completed a 4-year combined internship and residency program at Great Western Exotic Vets in Swindon. He became board-certified by the European College of Zoological Medicine in the Avian Medicine and Surgery specialty in 2021.