Marco Di Giuseppe, DVM, PhD, GPCert (ExAP)

Marco Di Giuseppe currently works as freelance veterinarian in many clinics in Palermo (Italy) offering referral services in rabbit medicine. In the meantime, he is completing a program at the Italian Post-graduate Veterinary School of the Universityof Naples (Italy) to receive the title of Italian Specialist in Laboratory Animals. In 2014, Dr. Di Giuseppe obtained the […]

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Blood Collection in Lizards

Hematology and biochemistry results are an important part of the minimum database for all veterinary patients, including lizards. Proper venipuncture technique is critical for accurate interpretation of laboratory results. Blood samples are most frequently collected from the ventral coccygeal vein and jugular vein in lizards; however, the site selected can depend on a variety of factors including the preferences and experience of the phlebotomist, the volume of blood needed, patient size and temperament, and of course the species involved.