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Flight Mechanics & Ethical Concerns

Dr. Todd E. Driggers will present this live webinar event on Flight Mechanics, Parrot Welfare, and Ethical Concerns. Feather trimming birds in captivity has been a common practice performed for many reasons, including fear of loss, safety, and the ability to control and tame. If the gold standard for animal welfare is freedom and feather destructive behavior is a reliable indicator of scientifically studied animal welfare, feather trimming impacts how the animal feels, functions, and prohibits natural responses to positive or aversive stimuli. Perhaps it is time to reflect on the benefits and risks of feather trims through the lens of animal welfare. At a minimum, the degrees of severity of the current techniques need redressing when we consider the experience of the bird.

Todd Driggers, DVM

Todd Driggers is a 1994 graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, he interned at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic in Indianapolis and he eventually moved to Arizona, starting the exotic practice at Mesa Veterinary Hospital. In 1996, he started Arizona’s first exclusive exotic animal practice, serving clients and small zoos. Currently, he has both a mobile practice and a stationary three-doctor practice, The Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Arizona…