A Necropsy Guide to Serpentes

The postmortem exam is a key diagnostic tool in understanding the reasons for a snake’s morbidity and mortality. Necropsies can provide valuable information to provide a risk assessment for other animals in a population or collection and can help provide closure for a grieving owner. This manuscript reviews the snake necropsy in a systemic, thorough manner, describing normal anatomy and proper collection technique from head to tail.

Richard S. Funk, MA, DVM

Dr. Richard Funk completed a master’s degree in zoology with a thesis in herpetology. He then earned his DVM at the Ohio State University. Dr. Funk has been very active in the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians, having served as the 2003-2004 President and co-chairman of the Legislation and Welfare Committee. He has also served on the ARAV publications editorial board and he has organized and led a number of wet labs at ARAV annual conferences. Dr. Funk has a number of publications in veterinary medicine, mostly on reptiles, including chapters in all three volumes of the Mader Reptile Medicine and Surgery texts.