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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease and Vaccination

This live webinar event by Dr. Amanda Jones was RACE approved for 1 hour of continuing education. This presentation reviewed the history, pathobiology and transmission of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus. Dr. Jones also reviewed vaccines available in Europe and North America. The target audience for this presentation was primarily North American veterinary health professionals, but there useful information was provided for anyone interested in this disease. Stay Tuned: A RACE-approved webinar recording will be available soon.

Amanda Jones, DVM

Dr. Amanda Jones is a consultant for Medgene Labs, and a supervising veterinarian for the Medgene Labs Texas Field Safety Site. Dr. Jones is also the owner of Central Texas Rabbit Herd Management in Killeen, Texas and an associate veterinarian for Animal Emergency Services of Killeen. Dr. Jones is a 2014 Cum Laude graduate of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and…