Sean McCormack BSc (Hons), MVB, MRCVS

Sean McCormack BSc (Hons), MVB, MRCVS graduated from University College Dublin in 2010 having previously completed his undergraduate degree in Animal Science in the UK, with a year working in the pharmaceutical industry between courses. He has kept and bred a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians from an early age…


A Guide to Esophagostomy Tube Placement in Chelonians

The use of esophagostomy tubes (e-tubes) allows administration of oral medications and critical care nutrition to turtles and tortoises while minimizing stress and the risk of esophageal trauma associated with repeated rigid gavage tube feeding. Esophagostomy tubes are very well tolerated in chelonians and the patient can even eat normally with the tube in place. Patients can be medicated and fed on an outpatient basis, and once fully recovered, the e-tube is easily removed in the veterinary clinic.