Central Venous Catheter Placement in Chelonians

Long-term vascular access is difficult to obtain and maintain in chelonians. Fortunately, central venous catheters provide flexibility and length to avoid catheter dislodgement. Central lines are an effective tool that allow serial blood measurements and can be used for anesthesia administration, intravenous drug delivery, blood product transfusions, and continuous fluid therapy or continuous rate infusions.This photo tutorial article describes this simple technique step-by-step.

Olivia Petritz, DVM, DACZM

Olivia Petritz earned her doctorate at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. She then completed a small animal medicine and surgery residency at a specialty hospital in San Diego, California followed by an exotic animal internship at Gulf Coast Avian and Exotics in Houston, Texas. Dr. Petritz then completed a 3-year residency in companion exotic animals and zoo medicine at the University of California, Davis. She achieved board certification in November 2013. Olivia then started an exotic animal medicine service at a large specialty hospital in Los Angeles. She worked in California for 3 years before becoming an Assistant Clinical Professor at North Carolina State University.