Kathy Duncan

Kathy Duncan Kathy Duncan has been an active wildlife rehabilitator with Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) since 1999. Ms. Duncan previously served on the PWC Board of Directors for 7 years and she has been Education Director since 2006. Kathy is currently a staff rehabilitation technician at PWC’s wildlife clinic, where she has worked since its opening in 2007. Kathy specializes in the care of opossums, squirrels, and small mammals. She also provides home care to orphaned and injured opossums from neonates through release. Pacific Wildlife Care takes in close to 200 opossums a year. With their full-time veterinarian, Kathy helps to establish diet and housing guidelines for opossums, both at the clinic and in the home care program. Kathy also conducts annual training classes in opossum care for PWC volunteers. She also regularly conducts educational outreach programs using PWC’s educational opossums and raptors since 2002. Kathy is a member of the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators and the Opossum Society of the United States, and she is a past-member of the National Opossum Society.

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