Don Harris, DVM

Dr. Don Harris
Dr. Don Harris is the owner of Miami’s first exotics-only veterinary hospital, Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center. Don is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Although his Cajun background in the swamps of Louisiana did nothing to prepare him for life in Miami, it did provide for him a wealth of experience in handling wildlife and exotic animals. In 1990, after several years in mixed animal practice, his practice became exclusively avian and exotic. The Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center was opened in 1996. Don serves as a consulting veterinarian for the Georgia Aquarium Research Center, Miami MetroZoo and Jungle Island in Miami and he is on the Advisory Board of Abaxis Veterinary Diagnostics. Don has also served as Past-President of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV), and the North American Veterinary Community, organizer of the North American Veterinary Conference, the largest veterinary conference in the world. Dr. Harris has presented at veterinary conferences both nationally and internationally, and he has also received many commendations over the years from various institutions and associations including AAV Speaker of the Year (2014).

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