Janina A. Krumbeck, PhD

Janina A. Krumbeck, PhDJanina Krumbeck is the director of MiDOG LLC (Irvine, California) and is leading the efforts to bring novel diagnostic tools to veterinarians to improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases in companion animals. Using molecular DNA sequencing to understand the animal microbiome, Dr. Krumbeck has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts on the microbiome of pets in health and disease. She earned her PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in cell and molecular biology with an emphasis on microbial gastrointestinal ecology. Dr. Krumbeck has studied the interaction between microbes and their hosts for over 10 years in order to understand how they specifically affect health and disease. She is passionate about applying the current knowledge about of the pet microbiome to improve knowledge about of the pet microbiome to improve infections disease diagnostics and promote good antibiotic stewardship.

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