Mange in Exotic Small Mammals

Key Points

  • A diagnostic plan for dermatitis in the small mammal should follow standard protocols including hematology, radiography, microbiology, cytology, and surgical biopsy as indicated.
  • Sarcoptid fur mites such as Sarcoptes scabei and Trixacarus caviae affect a wide variety of mammals and guinea pigs, respectively. Both species can cause pruritus, scales, crusts, and alopecia.
  • Humans that become infested with sarcoptid mites may develop dermatitis.

Most species of mites are host-specific, however take special precautions, such as wearing exam gloves, to minimize the spread of potentially zoonotic pathogens. Humans that become infested with Sarcoptes scabei may develop wheals, vesicles, papules, and intense pruritus. Pet owners, especially children, may become infected with . . .

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