Alicia McLaughlin, DVM

McLaughlin w roosterAlicia McLaughlin received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. She completed a veterinary internship in exotic animal medicine at The Center for Bird & Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell, Washington and she is now an associate veterinarian at this practice. Dr. McLaughlin has been involved in veterinary research and leadership throughout her career, and has authored or co-authored articles in both professional journals and national conference proceedings. Dr. McLaughlin is passionate about providing low-stress veterinary visits for all of her patients.  She is a certified Fear FreeTM veterinarian, and is spearheading the development of an avian-focused Fear Free™ course.  In her spare time, Dr. McLaughlin likes to relax with her veterinarian husband and young daughter in the great outdoors and provide environmental enrichment for her pets. She currently shares her home with two giant schnauzers, two white-bellied caiques, one blue-throated macaw, four leopard geckos, one gargoyle gecko, one New Caledonian giant gecko, two ball pythons, one rainbow boa, and multiple freshwater fish.


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