Alejandro Morales

Arcas logoIs a veterinarian graduated from San Carlos University in Guatemala City, with a Masters in One Health from Ross University. Dr. Morales has worked as the assistant director and veterinarian for the ARCAS Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Petén, Guatemala since 2007. Having started at a young age as a guide in the Natural History Museum in Guatemala City, participating with the Educational department of La Aurora Zoo and leading the volunteer programs in the Environmental Library for Youngsters, La Jungla Zoo, this steps cemented his passion for working with wildlife. Working in the realm of wildlife rehabilitation has been a good mixture of his callings in life, conservation, education, veterinary medicine and wildlife. He serves in the International Primatological Societies’ Captive Care Committee. He has presented on wildlife medicine and rehabilitation in multiple events. Alejandro believes that conservation without education is void, and that veterinary medicine plays a key role in the welfare and preservation of the species that share the world with us.

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