Online Resources: Nutrition

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Nutrition Support Services:

University of California College of Veterinary Medicine Nutrition Support Service

Commercial Hagen

Harrison’s Bird Foods


Lafeber Company


Oxbow Animal Health

Pretty Bird


Scenic Bird Food


Government National Nutrient Database
Oxalic Acid Content of Selected Vegetables Food and Nutrition Information Center
Eggs & Nutrition Nutritional Values of the Egg
Organizations American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition College of Veterinary Nutrition Nutrition Society

Nutrition Advisory Group

Nutrition Expert Panel Review

Veterinary Sites Avian Medicine Online Veterinary Manual; Nutrition: Exotic and Zoo Animals Advisory Group: Feeding Captive Insectivorous Animals-Nutritional Aspects of Insects as Food

Nutrient requirements of laboratory animals. Fourth revised edition, 1995

Tufts Open Courseware: Wildlife and Exotic Animal Nutrition

Veterinary Information Network