Nutritional Support to the Critical Exotic Patient


Did you attend the Lafeber Symposium at the International Conference on Avian Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine Congress in Paris? Lafeber Company offers another opportunity to attend this informative presentation as a free, interactive webinar.  

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Many sick or injured exotic animals are presented in critical condition and more of these patients can be saved by appropriate fluid and nutritional support, than by any single medical or surgical procedure. In practical terms, providing this support is often easier said than done. Dr. Neil Forbes’ presentation serves to demystify some of the challenges encountered and to help more clinicians to save more patients. Practical solutions for all exotic patients are described and discussed.

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Can I get a continuing education certificate?

While full of valuable clinical information, the Lafeber Symposium Encore Presentations are not R.A.C.E.-approved. Post-tests will NOT be administered and continuing education certificates will NOT be provided.

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